Our Values

Client First

We prioritize listening to our customer’s needs. We want to meet or exceed the public's expectations and gain trust.


We are deeply detail-oriented with a professional appearance. We do our best in finding the best cars and delivering our service.


We promote a positive energy, pleasant atmosphere and great interactions with our clients, sellers and our other stakeholders.


We are open, honest and clear. This is how we want every interactions with our clients, sellers and other stakeholders.


We are accountable, respectful and act with good morals standards with our clients, sellers and other stakeholders.


We make positive impact in our society and beyond. We plant trees to offset car emissions, create jobs and meet SDGs.


Our Vision

To be the go to and most trusted advisory company for car buyers in British Columbia, Canada. We make people drive off to adventures smiling and with confidence, while making a great social and environmental impact.

Our Mission

We strives to understand and guide car buyers in choosing the most fitted and reliable vehicle, at the best price. 

Independent and adaptive, we wish to give an authentic, professional yet enjoyable experience and assist our clients in making an informed purchase, in French or in English. In addition, we are funding tree plantations to create jobs and absorb CO2 emissions.